Old Skool Outfitter

making yesterday's most treasured merchandise available to the next generation of standout individuals

Old Skool Outfitter is making yesterday’s most treasured merchandise available to the next generation of standout individuals. We do all the hard-work of finding and collecting the finest aged goods that culture has to offer, so that you can pick your favorites and show them off.

With items authentic to their era, Old Skool Outfitter offers a novelty that can’t be surpassed in the market, it can only be imitated. Inventory is always growing and changing as new items are re-discovered, so you won’t get caught up in wearing the same bland tees again and again. Old Skool Outfitter is a time capsule that you get to re-open every visit.

We seek to bring to the present all that we loved about the past. We’re using the best of yesterday to bring people together for new laughs and new experiences; taking stories and legacies with us into the next generation. We bring the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle with the flair of your favorite rock bands and sports teams. Making the carbon footprint a little smaller, and yours a little bigger. We’re making sure history isn’t forgotten, and we’re doing it with style.

All of our gear has been aged to perfection, and we’re excited to share the best of our past with your future.

Our Values

What We Stand For


Make an impact on your local economy by shopping with local small businesses.


From how we source our inventory, to the packaging we use, everything is 100% Earth friendly.


“Own your look” through dressing yourself in clothes that tell your story.
style that matters

Environmental Facts

Green Story Inc. Environmental Study, Facts provided by thredUp 2020 research – https://www.thredup.com/resale/2020/#eco-impact

Fashion is one of the most pollutive industries in the world.


of CO2e to produce the average pair of jeans.

700 Gallons

of water to make one new T-shirt.

1 in 2

people are throwing their unwanted clothes straight in the trash. The result? 64% of the 32B garments produced each year end up in landfill.

If everyone bought one item used instead of new this year, it would save:

5.7B lbs of CO2e

= 66M trees planted

25B gallons of water

= 1.25B showers

449M lbs of waste

= 18,700 garbage trucks full